Data protection

Questions and answers about data protection
We use cookies from the Google Analytics tool. This tool that guarantees the anonymity of visitors, allows us to collect information on the origin of our visitors: country, region, city. This information is useful to better know our visitors and adapt accordingly the content of our site.

By default, the validity period for cookies is set to 13 months maximum. The visitor can delete cookies from his browser at any time. As a reminder, the cookies we use via Google Analytics are anonymous.

When visitors complete the contact form, they provide us with personal information such as first name, email address and phone number.
The data communicated by our visitors via online forms are stored without limit of duration. If he/she wishes, the visitor can be reminded of the information he/she sent us.
Personal data that visitors give us are strictly confidential. They are neither exchanged nor sold to third parties. We ask personal information to our visitors so that we can communicate with them by phone, email, SMS or chat. Messages that may be sent to them afterwards always contain an unsubscribe link.
Each user can get a copy of the data he has given us (via the ‘contact’ page). He may also ask us to modify or delete his personal data. This rule does not apply to data that we must retain for legal, administrative, or security purposes.
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